Clinical Applications


The Clinical Applications working group is focused on overarching goals pertaining to the potential of 7T imaging in clinical applications by integrating across all other working groups. It works on the identification of both short-term clinical goals that are achievable with existing technology and long-term clinical goals which include foreseeable applications that require additional technological development over the next years, taking into account the added value as well as specific challenges of 7T imaging.

Topics of interest include:

  • transition between healthy aging and  neurodegeneration
  • early detection of  neurodegeneration
  • differential diagnosis
  • identification and characterisation of vascular pathology
  • mapping the network progression of degeneration over time
  • downstream structural and functional effects of regional amyloid and tau pathology
  • morphology and connectivity of small deep brain structures (thalamic nuclei, basal ganglia, midbrain nuclei such as locus coeruleus)
  • accelerating standard assessment to improve quality (below 1 min scanning)


Marc van Buchem, Emrah Düzel, Oscar Hansson, Hartwig Siebner


Nin Bajaj, Michel Bottlaender, Isabella Björkman-Burtscher, Hugues Chabriat, Dennis Chan, Olivier Colliot, Mirco Cosottini, Bruno Dubois, Daniela Frosini, Graziella Donatelli, Francois De Guio, Cornelius Deutschl, Martin Dichgans, Gwenaelle Douaud, Emrah Duzel, Stéphane Epelbaum, Oskar Hansson, Heidi Johansen-Berg, Eric Jouvent, Kim Graham, Oliver Kraff, Mark Ladd, David Linden, Annemette Løkkegaard, Clare Mackay, Armin Nagel, Peter Nestor, Thoralf Niendorf, Oliver Peters, Harald Quick, James Rowe, Marie Sarazin, Matthias Schroeter, Hartwig Siebner, Maria Stefanescu, Tony Stöcker, Yasin Temel, Philip Thomann, Betty Tjims, Alexandre Vignaud, Arno Villringer, Adam Waldman, Joanna Wardlaw, Andrew Webb, Nikolaus Weiskopf