EUFIND2 – Leiden

Workshop #2 – June 2017 – Leiden, Netherlands

The 2nd EUFIND workshop took place in Leiden on 12 & 13 June 2017. Major goals of this workshop included:

  • Discussion of the results generated by each of the EUFIND working groups
  • Establishing a consensus 7T imaging protocol
  • Definition of short and long term plans towards further harmonization and a roadmap for implementation of 7T imaging in neurodegenerative disease research and clinical applications

All working groups presented their progress and the results they had achieved since the 1st workshop as well as any remaining challenges. Each working group contributed specific sequence suggestions for a joint 7T imaging protocol. On this basis, a consensus protocol was adopted and all EUFIND sites agreed to jointly perform a multi-center pilot study – as an extension to the original project plan funded through JPND, enabled through “in kind” contributions of the participating groups. At each of the 7T sites, the consensus pilot protocol would be applied in a number of subjects and all data compiled for a first analysis across sites, in preparation of a more extensive proof of concept study. The results of the pilot study have been included in the report submitted to JPND in autumn 2017 (will be released soon).

Furthermore, at this 2nd EUFIND workshop key contents were agreed upon for a roadmap towards harmonized implementation of 7T imaging for clinical and research applications with respect to neurodegenerative diseases. Plans for a proof of concept study and a first clinical study with multicentric 7T imaging were further developed. Given that the initial JPND funding was granted for one year only, future funding opportunities were considered. It was agreed that the EUFIND consortium is open for extension to other 7T sites.