EUFIND3 – Berlin

Workshop #3 – Jan 2018 – Berlin, Germany

The 3rd EUFIND workshop took place in Berlin on 22 & 23 January 2018. Major topics of this workshop included:

  • Results and conclusions from the EUFIND pilot study initiated in 2017
  • Planning of proof-of concept (PoC) study
  • Discussion of future clinical research studies
  • Dissemination of EUFIND results
  • Governance

All subgroups presented their results and conclusions from the EUFIND pilot study, and remaining challenges were discussed. Based on this, the design and an implementation plan for a proof-of-concept (PoC) study with healthy subjects of different age groups were agreed upon. This PoC study aims at further optimizing the consensus imaging protocol, and demonstrating feasibility of 7T studies across sites and vendors in preparation of future clinical studies. Each of the participating sites is going to scan 5 healthy subjects of 50-60 years and 5 healthy subjects in the age range of 60-70 years. Potential topics for future clinical research studies were identified. Publication of results and general dissemination activities, including the EUFIND website, were discussed. In order to maintain and expand EUFIND activities beyond the initial JPND working group funding which finished in 2017, the future governance of the consortium and potential funding opportunities were considered. The consortium reiterated that EUFIND is open for extension to other 7T sites, primarily within Europe.

The next workshop is planned to be held in autumn 2018 (date and location to be determined).