Functional Imaging


The Functional Imaging working group is focused on developing standardized protocols for task and resting-state fMRI and evaluating the feasibility for their implementation across several 7T sites.

Topics of interest include:

  • functional assessment of specific pathways
  • submillimetre resolution functional imaging to resolve layer-specific activity
  • directionality assessment of functional interactions using layer-specific fMRI
  • activity of small nuclei such as locus coeruleus
  • combination with behavioural assays


Kamil Uludag, Emrah Düzel, Hartwig Siebner


Laura Biagi, David Berron, Dennis Chan, Mauro Costagli, Gwenalle Douaud, Emrah Duzel, Susan Francis, Roy Haast, Harald Moeller, Lars Nyberg, Oliver Speck, James Rowe, Hartwig Siebner, Tony Stöcker, Kamil Uludag, Nikolaus Weiskopf, Richard Wise, Greger Orädd