Vascular Lesions / Vascular System


The Vascular Lesions / Vascular System working group focuses on the unique opportunities which 7T MRI offers to further our understanding of vascular contributions to neurodegenerative diseases by looking at both functional and structural assessment of the brain vasculature and parenchyma, as well as perfusion. This working group is in close and regular interaction with the JPND HARNESS working group for harmonizing MRI in vascular dementia (see

Topics of interest include:

  • imaging vessels and vascular lesions
  • arteriography and venography
  • perfusion (e.g. ASL)
  • small vessel disease
  • white matter hyperintensities


Geert J Biessels, Jaco Zwanenburg, Esben Petersen


Geert Jan Biessels, Hugues Chabriat, Mauro Costagli, Martin Dichgans, Emrah Duzel, Francois De Guio, Susan Francis, Eric Jouvent, Jeroen Hendrikse, Oliver Kraff, Mark Ladd, Harald Moeller, Armin Nagel, Harald Quick, Esben Thade Petersen, Matthias Schroeter, Oliver Speck, Kamil Uludag, Marc von Buchem, Maxim Terekhov, Laura Schreiber, Alexandre Vignaud, Arno Villringer, Joanna Wardlaw, Richard Wise, Jaco Zwanenburg