EUFIND1 – Magdeburg

Workshop #1 –Nov 2016 – Magdeburg, Germany

The 1st EUFIND workshop was held in Magdeburg on 16 & 17 November 2017. In this initial workshop, principal investigators from all EUFIND sites came together with the following key aims:

  • Sharing expertise and experiences with respect to all EUFIND subtopics
  • Initiating development of a 7T research protocol tailored to match clinical needs
  • Developing ideas for a proof of concept clinical multisite 7T study

For each of the EUFIND subtopics the current state of the art, added value and specific challenges of 7T imaging were discussed. Basic aspects for a consensus imaging protocol were agreed upon, and first plans towards a proof of concept multisite clinical 7T study were developed. In order to streamline the work of the consortium, a dedicated working group was established for each of the EUFIND subtopics and coordinators nominated for each of these (see section Working Groups). A list of interested scientists was identified for each working group. In addition, a EUFIND Steering Committee was appointed comprising the EUFIND coordinators, the working group coordinators and representatives of each participating country. Action items for the following months were agreed upon.

Subsequent to this workshop, each working group defined topics of interest, discussed how these topics could be addressed, and developed recommendations for a scanning protocol for a pilot study across multiple 7T sites.