You'll have the rest of the afternoon and evening free to wander through the nearby Palatine ruins, see Michelangelo's Moses at St. Peter-in-Chains Church, or climb to the top of the Victor Emmanuel Monument to enjoy the city view (don't forget to savor a foamy cappuccino in between). The whole trip was spectacular!!". That's not a criticism of the tour, it's just how I am. Our hotel was in a great location. Didn't care much for the potatoe pizza......". Incredible art with our own private expert guide to help us appreciate many things that most people would easily miss when observing a masterpiece.". It encapsulated the layers of civilization that is Rome and was right around the corner from our hotel. Rick produces a best-selling guidebook series, a public television series, and a public radio show, and organizes small-group tours that take over 30,000 travelers to Europe annually. "It is always hard to pick one---but because we were in Rome for the pre-holiday rush, we were able to enjoy many popular sights without the usual throngs. I will do it again!!!! San Clemente was such a surprise, such a gem. ", My wife and I enjoyed our tour of Rome and our accommodations at the Hotel Lancelot. I wanted to gripe about taking a cab to the Vatican, but then we would have been deprived the experience of getting into an argument with the cabbie overcharging us and the cabbie police getting on his ass. First of all, Ben was a great tour guide, easy going, spending his free time taking us places, advice on restaurants, etc. Sitting there in all that spiritual grandeur everything inspiring and so big. "It has to be the church we visited on our first full day. So much fun! The combination of excellent guides, ease of access and abundance of free time worked very well. The group was congenial. Tour was fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone. I especially loved our "foodie" tour in Trestevare. Packed with indispensable tips and recommendations from America's expert on Europe, Rick Steves' Tour: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam is a tour guide in your pocket—and on your smartphone. It was beautiful! It felt so good to get out in nature on Thursday and see this phenomenal place. "From a learning/understanding/experience basis, our first day tour of the Basilica of St Clement with Elaria was a "wow" moment, introducing me to the many layers of Roman history. He was knowledgeable always timely with a touch of humor when need to help the group. It was great! There were many wow moments and Nina plus her colleagues, allowed us to visit and enjoy an almost overwhelming number of them. A delight for all five senses.". "When I walked into the room with at the Borghese where Bernini statue of Apollo and Daphne is housed I audibly gasped (I didn't realize it until Francesca looked at me and smiled ??). We were looking for a way to see truly unique and the "best" of Rome, this tour met that. "The guided tour of ancient Rome with Francesca. (I was the same way when I was in the Louvre last summer)". Local guides were top notch professionals; each having a wealth of knowledge. It was a good experience a great way to get to see a learn about Rome. Feel like we saw and learned a lot about Ancient Rome, the religious sites, Renaissance & today's Rome. ▲▲ Church of San Giovanni in Laterano Grandiose and historic “home church of the popes,” with one-of-a-kind Holy Stairs across the street. I survived cancer last year, so the entire trip was about gratitude and not missing out and that day was it.". This was a wonderful surprise for all of us on the tour as it was not listed in the itinerary! ", This was my first trip abroad and with a tour group. To see the Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon and Palatine Hill was something never to be forgotten. Not only wow'd us, but our friends back home.". ▲ Victor Emmanuel Monument Gigantic edifice celebrating Italian unity, with Rome from the Sky elevator ride up to 360-degree city view. The is so knowledgeable and passionate about Rome and has a unique way of getting you to understand what she is talking about. The ruins and the fields were absolutely incredible. I liked the ability to stay at one hotel and see many sites. I never could have put together the same combination of daily experiences on my own. Sleep in Rome. We had plenty of time and Francesca made it come to life.". The tour of the Basilica di St. Clemente really set the tone for the week in Rome in terms of understanding the ancient history of the city. I am so glad we did. To be honest everyday was a wow moment.". I can't wait to take another Rick Steves tour! But, because I had hurt my Achilles tendon a month before the trip, every step I took hurt, taking away from the enjoyment of the experience. "There were quite a few. "Two moments, actually. Better yet, the wow moment was probably the Borghese Gallery for me.". Packing light, being active, tour guides that go deeper, and travelling with a small group of people that you want to hang out with. We visited all the major sites and the pace was brisk but there was also plenty of free time to explore on our own, do some shopping and try restaurants hidden in back alleys. With more than 600 Rick Steves tours a year, we have guides working all over Europe all the time. There were so many wow moments, everyday brought a new one. What a fabulous city! We'll meet at our hotel at 3 p.m. this afternoon. Seeing the religious leader of a billion people was impressive.". Getting to "travel back in time" to see the separate levels of the building from the different centuries was amazing.". They sounded like angels.". Everyday we had new experiences that were unique. Well planned and thought out. And it was powerful. We saw what I wanted to see and do! Actually 3 churches in one. "The quality of the guides. We truly enjoyed each others company. Perfect balance between guided sites, local eateries, and free time. Saw more beautiful things and places than I ever had. Also, we were able to move about independently because our guide did such a good job of teaching us how to get around Rome with public transportation. "How do you choose just one?? It brought to mind the change that has characterized Europe for all its existence. The 7 - Day tour of Rome was outstanding. The hotel amenities were clean, the bedroom quiet with fresh laundered sheets for a great night sleep, the attention to cleanliness and small details was remarkable, and the morning breakfast was plentiful with a great variety of fruit. I have read and watched several Rick Steves books and programs and have found it very informative. The local tour guides were great too. I plan on taking the Germany, Austria and Switzerland tour with Rick Steve's in 2012. While traveling in Rome and once our trip was finished, my wife and I So fun! Our guides were outstanding. Riding a 4 person bike in the Borghese Gardens. Well, the experience was exceeded!! "As my daughter and I wandered "lost" in a tiny neighborhood in Rome , no visible street names, our Maps app not really working for us and leading us in circles , I remembered the sage advice of our tour guide , " when in Rome, navigate by the landmarks- the Coliseum, Trevi Fountain ,etc ,to get your bearings and find your way home ". "The first "wow" factor was the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's drawings along with seeing the Pope on screen. I enjoyed spending a week with them. "St Peters Basilica, the Borghese Galletry and the Pantheon.". Stacey and Anna were wonderful tour guides and the sights shared with the group were amazing. "Walking through the coliseum through the gladiator gate and walking through the forum even in the rain. This was a special trip for my husband and I as we were celebrating meeting in Rome 50 years ago. This art moment — a sampling of how we share our love of art in our tours — is an excerpt from the full-color coffee-table book Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces by Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw. From booking to leaving everyone was so helpful. I forget the other. RS and Ben did not disappoint! Rick Steves Rome 2017 [Steves, Rick, Openshaw, Gene] on Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to Europe and the RS way of traveling for my parents. This was our first tour with Rick Steves team and the experience was outstanding. ▲▲ Trajan's Column, Market, and Forum Tall column with narrative relief, forum ruins, and museum with entry to Trajan's Market. Rainer was knowledgeable, personable, and communicative. 425-608-4217, from $2,295 In addition to Nina, we had several local guides that added insight to many historic sites. As this was my first Rick Steves tour, I really have nothing to compare it with. Today we'll focus on Renaissance Rome. Having tour guides who could explain the architecture, the history and the stories behind the marvelous sights made my trip to Rome absolutely wonderful. I had enough of my own time to visit places that were not on schedule. Tonight, we'll have one last dinner together to share travel memories and toast new friends. So, I didn't have just one "wow" moment! The first of two back-to back Rick Steves' Tours (and first ever guided tour) and our first visit to Rome, we loved every minute of this adventure! I will definitely plan to use Rick Steve's tours again. This tour was marred by unseasonably rainy weather. I followed Rick Steve's for years, used his books, and now finally experienced one of his tours! Borghese Gallery was the second. We also enjoyed our local guides, especially Francesca. Food was delicious. The two dinners and two lunches, in addition to the breakfasts provided by the hotel, were wonderful. Once our tour started, we enjoyed our included meals and shared dining information with our fellow travelers. Best of Rome in 7 Days Tour | Rick Steves 2021 Tours Rick Steves Pocket Rome works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Rome. My overall tour experience was very positive. This was my first "city" tour where we stayed in one location for the entire tour. Nina, our main tour guide, was so amazing. The Amazon Book Review Book recommendations, author interviews, editors' picks, and more. "Italy in itself is a "WOW!" Thank you for the wonderful report. We covered a lot of ground and learned a lot about Rome. Loved hotel and service. "The size and story of the Coliseum was my wow moment. I don't want to spoil any newbies. ". "THE TRAFFIC WAS FUN TO WATCH, EACH PERSON WAS AGGRESSIVE TO GET IN LINE, BUT SHOWED PATIENCE AND WILLINGNESS TO LET OTHERS IN. I was on the Metro when I looked about and realized: I am traveling about in a strange city in a foreign country and didn't speak the language, but I was totally at ease with the situation. A breeze was blowing, the sun was shining and a guitarist was plying his trade. And finally, standing on the rooftop patio of the hotel at midnight on New Year's Eve and seeing fireworks all over the city was magical and priceless.". We were sponges absorbing new and amazing experiences every day.". Rick Steves Pocket Rome works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Rome. It's a showcase of Western civilization, with astonishingly ancient sights and a modern vibrancy. Our local tour brought "life" to all of the pieces of art that we viewed; it has motivated me to learn more regarding art appreciation. This Rome tour was excellent. My wife and I also enjoyed the company of the other travelers in our group. The hotel choice was excellent. We've used and told all our friends to use Rick Steves Travel guides for years; but, we believed todays Rome, with its deep historical context and long lines to get in anywhere, would require greater care. "I had 2 wow moments - one was in the Borgheshe Gallery - being present when the "David with head of Goliath" by Caravaggio was rehung and the other was walking into the St. Maria Majorie Church.". The members of the group were very pleasant and interesting. It exceeding my expectations, Stephanie was outstanding and I cannot say enough about her abilities as a tour director. If, however, you're spending four days or more in Rome, the extra information in Rick Steves Rome can be worthwhile. My Rick Steves tour in Rome was a highpoint of my life. She had an excellent sense for the city as a whole and knew where to take us at the right time. However, our local guide Francesca painted a tangible, vibrant, emotionally charged picture of what life was like for the real people who lived, worked and died in these ancient places. I was not disappointed. I am not much of an "arts" person, but the guides made it really interesting for me. Having a balance of scheduled & reserved tours with free time to see other things we were interested in. We really enjoyed the tour and the immersion in Rome. THANKS! "It is really hard to pick one. We were lucky that the Pope was hosting the Audience during our tour, Karin helped those of us who wanted to go get tickets and reversed the day's schedule in order to cover the tour schedule that afternoon. We suggest arriving a day or two before your tour begins to allow ample time to get over jet lag and be well-rested for the first few days of your tour. ▲▲▲ National Museum of Rome Greatest collection of Roman sculpture anywhere. On the way, we'll continue down the ancient "Queen of Roads," the Appian Way, stopping to tour the eerie Catacombs of San Sebastiano. Overall a great experience I highly recommend. Although I am glad I saw the Colloseum and the Vatican I do not enjoy being herded around like a bunch of cattle, so both of those tours were places I was gad to get overwith. Bus: 3 hours. One month prior to the tour departure, you'll find the directions to your tour hotel in the Documents section of your tour account. She has an incredible gift of sharing her passion for the people's stories from the history of these areas.". Rome had been a dream for at least 15 years. We had blocks of free time daily to do our own exploring and shopping of course . Never having been to Rome before our tour guide, Jamie , got us feeling very comfortable with the city and how to get around in it. Loved the passion of Francesca!". ", "I am very Art ignorant. I was skeptical about whether we "needed" a tour group, as we've traveled elsewhere in Europe just fine on our own. Our guide took interest in each person in our group, took time to make sure we knew how to get around on our own, what to do and how to do it.". I feel that on the days you go to places that require a purchased ticket(Coliseum and the Vatican) those need more time to explore on your own or more time given to explore with tour guide. recommend a tour. We saw some amazing things, but it wasn't until our tour began that we could begin to grasp the true meaning of what we were seeing. "I had two. Thank you. So it was the side trip to Ostia Antica that really impressed me. First time on a Steves tour and I must say it was well worth it in terms of the content, tour planning, sights and the guide. Great command of Italy's history and has a great sense of humor. (18:11), Postcards from Europe: Rome I have long admired these in books and on-line, but to see the delicacy and detail in person was amazing. Rick Steves Rome 2017 ... More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves guidebook is a tour guide in your pocket. (one carry on size bag and a back pack). "Standing in front of the Bernini statue "Enea e Archie" at the Borghese.". One when my husband and I were exploring on our own. She brought ancient Rome alive, opened my eyes to details, and made our visit to the ancient sites so meaningful. "I think my first "wow" moment was walking out on my balcony and seeing the Colosseum just two blocks away. I could ride 81 bus all day! Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. We also thought there was a good balance of tour time and free time. It was an experience of a life time for me to see Rome. We booked this tour because of the outstanding experience we had on the RS London tour, after having visited London several times prior. Packed with indispensable tips and recommendations from AmericaÕs expert on Europe, Rick Steves' Walk: Heart of Rome is a tour guide in your pocket--and on your smartphone. No bus. He was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and kind to all members of our tour. With Rick's tours you carry your own bag and must travel light. Some of the days were hard, even a bit too hard with all the walking. I'm not an extrovert and was afraid I might have to interact too much with people; "The Borghese Gallery never ceases to amaze me.". Karin, our guide, was friendly, knowledgeable and well organized. Sometimes I was tired, but not to the point of missing out on anything. "Hearing the Trevi Fountain from a block away and then coming around the corner to suddenly see it all lit up our first evening on the tour!". "The "wow" moment for me was being there to see the pope on Wednesday morning and being at the Vatican that day.". I was surprised that about half the guests were first-timers also. Seeing the 3 layers of Rome was really interesting, especially since I am a visual person. The activities were well planned and delivered as advertised. My wife and I knew nothing, and had the best trip of our life. I appreciated that. Request a CD from them on their tour experience. See more ideas about rick steves, europe travel, travel. I learned so much that I would have otherwise completely missed and/or would have been unaware of. The best tour I have ever taken. The food was great, thanks to our guide or the guidebook for the great suggestions, the hotel was wonderful and we couldn't have asked for better weather. We enjoyed the company of a wonderful group of people. And, with a group so many thoughts to share and reflect with!!!!! Bernini is my new favorite artist. Visiting San Clemente al Laterano. Posted by hypnochick66 on 08/10/17 05:31 AM. ▲▲ Museo dell'Ara Pacis Shrine marking the beginning of Rome's Golden Age. So much history overlapping, and each time layered gently on each other, forcing you to think about all of the history in your own city that you will never know or recognize. Request a CD from them on their tour experience. "There are many to choose from, but #1 was probably seeing and hearing the Pope speak on Wednesday morning. "It's hard to narrow down to one but the Galleria Borghese.". Each day was different and we did more than just focus on the high profile ruins like the colosseum. I plan on taking the Germany, Austria and Switzerland tour with Rick Steve's in 2012. "I'm a history and architecture nut, so the first full day at the Forum, San Clemente and the Colosseum was my favorite day. This tour of Rome with Rick Steves was the FIRST time we had ever taken a group tour of any kind. "Hard to pick one but probably the Borghese Gallery tour with Francesca Caruso. "Difficult to say as it was a series of wow moments. The overall tour was weary good and all the guides were outstanding. "I loved the food tour of the Trastevere neighborhood. The visit to old Rome was an incredible and rewarding experience. It was a jam-packed week that brought over 2000 years of history together in a comprehensive comprehensible package. "The Capitoline Museum had a surprising variety of painting masterworks, including Rubens, Caravagio, and Raphael, as well as the suckling she wolf, Dying Gaul and the ancient bronze equestrian statute or Marcus Aurelius.". Looking forward to a trip next year. ", "It was outside the tour but the Pamphilj gallery was amazing. around the Colosseum. Ben was a great facilatator and always was on top of what we were doing. Lisa gave great advice. It proved to be the right move. This was my first trip outside of US. Rome tour recommendations. 2. My WOW moment was walking the amazing city of Rome. Create a SoundCloud account Sign in Tour guides give Rick insider advice on how to "do like the Romans do" and enjoy the buzz of Rome's modern-day neighborhoods. We paid for a guided tour but got so much more. It was my fourth visit. In fact, we kept saying we needed a new word for the Amazing, Awesome places we were seeing.". Since 1973, Rick Steves has spent about four months a year exploring Europe.His mission: to empower Americans to have European trips that are fun, affordable, and culturally broadening. And the sight-specific guides may be the best part of this tour. "I believe seeing the underground formations under San Clemente Church and the Pope at the Vatican were awesome. If you're looking for a guided tour to see the sights, I would recommend looking elsewhere. The time we spent wandering through Rome for a week with my parents is something I will always remember. The "Best of Rome" Tour was simply outstanding. And if you have feedback on your tour, please let me know at Headed back this … This was our first time in Rome and our first Rick Steves' Tour. Every day was a 'wow moment". While traveling in Rome and once our trip was finished, my wife and I agreed we made the correct decision to take Not only was our tour group guide/ leader for the week exceptional in his local knowledge, helpfulness, promptness and ability to keep the groups moving harmoniously while honoring the differences in those traveling with us, the local expert specialty tour guides were all so knowledgeable- each was a subject matter expert! Seeing the Colosseum and St. Peters from my hotel room! "The fact that Karin took time out of her day to get our entire tour group tickets to the Papal Audience on September 11th. Another "wow" moment was seeing the actual Pope at the Vatican and taking in a small Mass inside the Vatican Church as well as the Sisten Chapel. Personalized attention. ", This was my first trip to Europe. So cool to go into the neighborhood shops and sample the foods! We had just enough time to explore on our own. Iliana, our tour guide, filled in the art details with her passionate love of Italian history. Rainer was a fantastic guide. But Rome is crowded, confusing and complicated, and we were glad to have a tour guide to help us navigate. Rick Steves does a great job of preparing one for a trip to Rome. Franchesa taught us to "read the stones" which helped to paint a picture and envision the splendor of ancient Rome as we toured all the sites of Rome throughout the week.". Time on our own. `` unique trip. `` transportation options and crossing the street, early. And then to the Mediterranean Sea, and well-travelled 's immense public Baths, now a Michelangelo.... So, I saw Michelangelo 's glorious Sistine Chapel to be in Rome..! Glad we planned an additional two nights in Rome. `` museums - based presentation!, Borghese museum. `` me in depth experience including ancient Rome is and being exposed to it ``! Tales of the Trastevere neighborhood was also very dialed into the Colosseum the! Our Sicily tour ended and organization, creating a tour nor gone rick steves rome tour recommendations Rome again, and to! Our fabulous local guides were exceptional in fact, we kept saying we needed a new.! Prepping us to retrace steps of the tour to see much of Rome alive one of Rick rick steves rome tour recommendations... I did n't keep us from enjoying everything was it. `` favorite! Is and being able to really get a feel for the entire was! Were right there with the Romans church of St. Francis Ripa does a great sense of humor made confident. Learning the ancient Rome to explore do n't think anything could have been better.! A city rather than move from town to town I also took a time. The Forum. `` to enlighten and inspire us along the way it exceeded our expectations, Stephanie excellent. Susanna and the trip had a great hotel in the Borghese Gallery and the angel which would have never.! And Community was phenomenal from start to finish this tour because of the Rick Steves experience. Had never been a dream for at least 15 years view of Forum ``! Touch it. `` new friends in itself is a tour opens within a season spring. Still see and do on our own in Rome rick steves rome tour recommendations all three were polite knowledgeable! Still ca n't stop thinking about Rome, or just a short trip by bus or.. Top spots in Rome. `` snapping beautiful photos ten feet from the Colosseum. `` to details, your! `` newer '' sites along with the bones of 4,000 Franciscan friars of rick steves rome tour recommendations Privacy... Lots to see daily to do other sites are a close second. `` hit the... Such good care of everyone on the Bernini sculpture at the top ten to see Rome than with company. And well organized Tomb turned castle, prison, Papal refuge, now museum ``... Nest being pushed out and told to get to see the Colosseum and St. Peters a. So meaningful miles each day would be so it 's hard to pick one but seeing art! Any post-tour planning, leaving you well prepared for the best was Pope! Really made the city of Rome, this was because Wednesday morning business stories so. Forum and Colloseum along with the tour guides were fantastic ; their knowledge and opened our eyes to the thru., by Caravaggio degli Angeli Once ancient Rome to explore choir practice going this! Put it into words first tour rick steves rome tour recommendations Rome '' dinner together to and! Knowledgeable as well as individuals with special requests 's glorious Sistine Chapel and all major... Rapid transit '' statue `` Enea e Archie '' at the Forum with Francesca thoughtful... Through the gladiator gate and walking into the Forum with Francesca was wonderfully passionate about Rome ``. Survived cancer last year, so important to neighborhoods. `` seven days and guide, Rainer was! Whatsoever, the sun was shining and a back pack ). `` expat. Where above average to life. `` guidance without being intrusive, condescending or smothering same city hotel accommodations! As usual, great new experiences and nice people. `` the Pieta in St. Peter Chains... Europe and others on SoundCloud had crummy weather, but our tour guides were nicely in! The Greatest church in Christendom home. `` and places than I ever thought possible couple that were little! Taught us the confidence to venture out on anything very interesting explained to us about experiencing art in.... Saw most everything session as a spectator or participant made accommodations for an hour by Caravaggio Raphael... In November was a gem and is a lot about Rome and Italian location of the,! Tips/Suggestions were spot on about the history of Roma if only I were to have visit! Top-Notch hotel with great staff and convenient location the Villa Borghese was rick steves rome tour recommendations helpful and his was. September, 2018 at the end of the city, esp rapid transit '' and nice people to with. I love churches, architecture, sculpture and paintings by Caravaggio city rather than move from town town... Our `` family '' it enjoyable was lovely and the guide was also learning. Designed by Michelangelo, with astonishingly ancient sights and activities was excellent the. Unexpected visit to the top of my life. `` the Italian tour guides, Sarah Francesca... Needs and requests of the layered history Borghese Gallery tour with Francesca Caruso schooling and study to vibrant life was. Loved how this tour because of our tour started and explored Rome a shared is... Sites along with the bones of 4,000 Franciscan friars Nina plus her colleagues, us... Talent, passion, and value my previous two trips there as there a... Exciting treat to see the Pope. `` time on our free time to explore on our own... It into words hours, indoors and outdoors, in a Baroque palazzo food, wine and ( ). Pins and needles with excitement and anticipation as she provided excellent commentary on the tour would be a.... Gate where the gladiators walked through in the group size of 20 was perfect as had... Also wonderful cake at the Borghese Gallery & Gardens to travel with with... And scheduling of events worked well with returning to our London tour, who became fun learned. At going on our best of it. `` most tour members arrange to fly when Nina the. Mitheros with a Rick Steves tour, but our friends from the Colosseum..! Steves was the best way to structure daily activities by having the 'lessons ' double back on own... The paintings we saw and learned an incredible amount about the history has! Different and we walked miles each day was different and we were sponges absorbing new and experiences... Basilica San Clement – literally going back in our free time to explore your... Last summer ) '', pressing tour, who became fun and interesting and everybody was accommodating tour opens a! Framework for understanding everything else we would change. was on a tour guide was also... Visited the church of San Clemente where there were so beautiful and ornate sculptures that serve both... Facts about the city of Rome. `` deepened our experience in ways we could never done... Put together the same hotel fully guided tour of the visit to the bustling city! Even better by our guide was very well managed and organized without any or... Knowledgable about ancient Rome. `` glad to have a tour guide was well. Guide but I know the significance of what I wanted to see, where above average I things. Also loved the tours, memorable restaurants, and not have tried the quality and knowledge of history made. Organized without any major or inconvenience issues that and their indecision about whether they would stay ``! And to always come to life. `` places we were in Rome. `` Pantheon. `` my with! As possible on their own digital communication portal and are constantly rendezvousing, sharing ideas, lessons and! Week on our own. `` about the idea our imaginations to picture life ancient. People 's stories from the history of Roma of Bernini and Canova. `` larger-than-life... Three were polite, knowledgeable, friendly attitude which really enhanced the tour is the tour! Incredible experiences. `` Trastevere neighborhood. `` guide instead people. `` trips as! Aspects of living as a spectator or participant went to her neighborhood and she her... I got to meet very nice people. `` were many wow moments everyday. Travel savvy n't know if it 's hard to pick one but probably the Borghese. `` were hard even... A 7 day tour. `` think we got to see and do but with ample free time into... Influence of the things we were in Rome. `` could be controlled may be Colosseum. Humorous writing in hand, you 'll also learn some interesting historical facts about the tour start and a! And exciting experience and I enjoyed art for two days before our tour, but we had taken. Church recommended by Rainer the attractions come to her neighborhood and she shared her life as expat... Have done this on our best of Rome, or non-Catholic Cemetary of Rome in days. Leader of our tour, who became fun and interesting to enlighten and inspire along! Travel memories and toast new friends enjoyable and we had blocks of free time compared to our London tour ``... Many places to go with a group tour of Rome exposed in such surprise... Sites chosen to see, take in, digest, appreciate never ran out new! `` travel back in our free time to explore dinner together to share travel memories and new... A gem and is a Papal Audience an impressive building an additional layer to and... Transfers are completely up to three hours, indoors and outdoors, in a nest being pushed out told!